Searching for a comprehensive scan tool that could perform TPMS relearn and vehicle diagnostics in one platform?

At the price point of $699 the Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS is worth a look.

We spent some time with this tool, noting the ins and outs along the way. This tool has some great features for the price but it does have it’s limitations.

However once these limitations are found,understood, and accepted this tool fills a very nice spot in my tool box.

What’s the deal?

At the price point of $699 the MK808TS is definitely a contender in the mid level scan tool arena.

It is a touchscreen tablet that can bring new capabilities to the tech, shop owner, or weekend warrior, all without killing the wallet.

This tool allows you to scan and diagnose almost any vehicle you could imagine.

The TPMS portion is great, it allows sensor relearns and programming.

In the box

  • Autel MaxiCOM 808TS
  • Maxi VCI Mini OBD head
  • Owners manual
  • Quick start guide
  • USB cable for PC
  • Charging cable and plug

First and foremost you must understand that there are scan tools out there for thousands of dollars. These tools have full bi – directional control and are very advanced scanners.

These are a major step above this tool no doubt, I want to start out by making this very clear.

This tool is great, however it’s $699.00…….Now I’m not saying $699 is nothing but I am being honest, it has it’s limits.

That’s one thing that makes this tool great

The limits are set pretty high for the price, this adds real value to the weekend warrior or the mechanic looking to keep a personal scanner in their tool box.

What it can’t do

Programming and coding…..

Programming and coding vehicles requires training and should not be attempted, unless the tech has a full understanding of correct procedures involved.

Programming should be left for the shop with factory platforms and damn good battery maintainers designed for programming.

Trust scoot on this one, a major issue during programming can really ruin your week.

If you do want to dive deeper into this realm Autel offers more advanced models to accomplish this, however I recommend factory level systems.

It’s not worth it

In all honesty I would stay away from non-factory systems if you are looking to do major programming and coding.

You can do some major damage to your customers vehicle.

“Stop being so paranoid.” ……. Until a module gets wiped out, oh boy, we are up shits creek with no paddle and a crappy battery charger for an anchor.

You have to understand this truth. Any time you manipulate software you are taking a chance.

Even with factory systems, things happen. That is why battery voltage is so important along with training and a full understanding of what you are doing.

What can it do?

For the technician or DIY, this tool can be a great personal tool allowing you to do quick scans and resets, all without paying a ridiculous amount of money.

One thing I really like about the tool is it records data and scan reports so you can look back to check codes or data.

This can be helpful when you are writing up a vehicle at your desk or if you want to look at data later on if a customer has a similar issue.

The tool has a very good data screen with multiple pids, it records fairly quick so you can monitor temps, fuel trims, voltage signals, etc.

All the data needed to diagnose drivability and other systems can be found easily.

This tool allows you to diagnose, quickly and efficiently.

Autel maxicom 808 ts review

Really impressive for the price.

Some key features of the Autel maxicom 808ts

  • Advanced TPMS diagnostics
  • Activates 98% of TPMS sensors
  • Reset steering angle sensor
  • Reset service intervals
  • Auto vin technology identifies vehicle info automatically
  • Parking brake relearn
  • DPF regeneration
  • Battery registration

The tool runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat , and uses a cortex -A9 processor. It comes with 32 GB memory and the battery lasts around 7 hours or so, which is a plus.

I’ll be honest, I could care less about these specs but some people do, so I want to cover them.

One very cool thing I do with this tool is when I’m working on a customer’s vehicle I can email the customer a code report instantly.

This helps when explaining and going over the repairs with the customer.

Customers like to have the code list. It makes you look professional, especially if you are doing side work.

The bad

It can’t be all good Scoot

I have to be honest here there is one thing I absolutely can’t stand about this tool.

The scanner will not print unless you download the Autel pc link or buy an adapter.

I still can’t get mine to print and it makes me nuts. I can’t understand why they would skimp on this.

It sucks

The menu is straight forward and easy to navigate, it also functions as a tablet.

Although a kind of crappy one, you can do some stuff but it’s not great.

Ease of use

Another thing I really don’t care for is the diagnostic and service menu are separate options in the tool’s menu.

Service is where you will find resets and activations, Diagnostics is more of a pure scanner.

Sometimes you need to back out of one menu and read the vin all over again to go into the next.

This can get annoying

You have to back out of either section to use the other.

Let’s say, you diagnosed a o2 sensor and now you just want to reset the oil light because you did a minor service first.

There may be a way to switch easier but I haven’t found it.

Some great surprises

One great feature integrated into this tool is maxi fix.

When you scan the vehicle and retrieve trouble codes you can automatically look up the code description online to see what people are saying and what fixes they have done.

Pretty handy especially for the diy weekend warriors.

TPMS Function

The TPMS portion is located in a separate menu. You can program, check, relearn, and get information for a vin specific vehicle.

I have found the TPMS feature to be what makes this tool shine.

Read sensors quick, and find issues fast with your tpms sensors.

I have had certain issues with some vehicles not being supported.

These are far and few between though.

One thing to note is the tool does prompt you to make sure you are connected to a network for the TPMS function to work.

Updates with the tool are easy, just press and go. Once you get the tool on a network it is pretty straight forward. So no issues there.

Overall impression

For the money the Autel MK808ts is a great option. I wish the screen was a little bigger, the 7-inch LCD display is plenty to get the job done.

The OBD vci connector is wireless, man is it sweet.

You can put the scanner on your tool box and still perform all functions with the vehicle. All while you are having coffee.

With that being said sometimes the wireless head won’t connect right away.

Again this is rare but it does happen. The other bad thing is, the vci head is easy to leave in a vehicle, it does warn you to remove when you back out of the diagnostic menu.

This keeps you from donating the vci to the lost tool black hole that every tech fears.

autel maxicom 808 ts

Wrapping it all up

To conclude, the Autel mk808ts is a great tool for stepping into a scan tool platform that is affordable for the techs toolbox or the DIY mechanic.

It is definitely not a complete package as it does not have bi directional control of systems and it does lack in a few areas.

I’m not knocking it, I’m being honest with you.

With that being said I would definitely buy this tool again.

For the money I spent, it has payed for itself already a few times. It has allowed me to do jobs at home that I would have said no to in the past.

Thanks for reading!