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“My battery keeps dying, I bought one at Walmart and put it in yesterday, but it was dead again today.” What can it be? I could bet many of you have heard this once or twice before, it’s understandable for the customer to think. “well the battery is shot, throw one in please.” I mean …

BMW starter troubleshooting and replacement does not have to be hard. Read on to learn how to quickly test and replace a bad starter the right way. In this post we will be testing and replacing a starter on a BMW 3 series. After reading this you will easily be able to…. Test the starter. …

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Obviously if you are serious about being In the automotive repair business you need to start investing in some tools. A question asked a lot is, “what tools should I get to start out?” Hopefully I can get you started on your way with this quick list. You should look at your tool arsenal as …

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