If you work on your cars chances are there will be a point when you need a good compact floor jack. If you are a weekend DIY mechanic you just need a safe jack and stands to get what you need done safely.

The last thing you want is a huge clunker of a jack that is heavy and takes up a ton of room in your garage. In this article I will go over 3 Compact floor jacks that are safe and small, all while being lighter than ones found in professional shops.

1. Arcan 2-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor JackArcan 2-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack“Best Overall”
2.BIG RED T820014S Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack BIG RED T820014S Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack“Best To Keep In Car”
3. JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor JackJEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack“Best For Low Cars”

Compact floor jacks are the perfect addition to your garage if you do your own work to your vehicle. The last thing you want however is a vehicle jack that is huge and heavy if you only need it once in a while.

Compact floor jacks from yesterdays were clumsy and could be very dangerous due to their small footprint and lifting stability. Today’s compact floor jacks are much stronger and safer than ever, many are made out of aluminum which makes for a great light weight alternative.

Here’s the deal, you are buying a product that is going to be lifting holding up your vehicle and I am sure I don’t need to tell you that you don’t want to take a chance of getting hurt (or worse) or damaging your car.

The first thing to look at is the lifting capacity of the floor jack, jacks range from 1- 20 tons and up on average compact floor jacks have a 2 to 3 ton capacity.

Depending on your vehicle’s weight you should decide how much capacity you need ( I would always go higher than lower )

What it’s made out of ? Compact floor jacks are made from either steel or aluminum, steel is heavier and is a great option. Aluminum is much lighter which makes it easier to move around and store.

BYPASS AND OVERLOAD VALVES, I personally think this is a very good feature. Inside these jacks have safety valving that will not allow the hydraulic ram to be overloaded this is great for safety.

Standard rise or quick rise? Some jacks have a rapid rise feature that will get a car off the ground in just a few pumps, others are standard lift and will take a few more pumps to get there, all in all not a big deal to me.

Does the jack meet or exceed the ASME PASE-2019 SAFETY STANDARD?

This may be the biggest one, does the jack meet strict requirements to meet the safety standard? I don’t know about you but I feel a little safer knowing my jack meets these standards.

#1. Arcan 2-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack


  • LIGHTWEIGHT AIRCRAFT-GRADE ALUMINUM: Allows for easy maneuverability.
  • DUAL PUMP PISTONS: Quickly raises the floor jack saddle to load.
  • REINFORCED LIFT ARM: Increases strength, chassis torsion control, and durability.
  • VEHICLE PROTECTION: Designed with a rubber saddle and a foam handle bumper.
  • SIDE-MOUNT HANDLE: Allows for convenient jack positioning.
  • 2 PIECE HANDLE: Allows for easy storage.


  • A little on the pricey side

The Arcan 2 Ton quick rise jack boasts a tall 19.25″ lifting height all while being a nice and low 3.5 inches fully down. This makes it easy it get under the lowest of vehicles.

The jack is aluminum construction which cuts a lot of weight out. Plus the handle is two piece which makes storage easy.

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#2 BIG RED T820014S Hydraulic Floor Jack

BIG RED T820014S Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Blow Mold Carrying Storage Case, 1.5 Ton (3,000 lb) Capacity, Red - Review


  • Easy to carry in blow molded case
  • Great price Amazon’s choice product
  • Well built steel construction


  • It’s heavy for it’s size
  • Does not lift as high as competitors

The “Big Red” compact car jack is a great companion to have in the trunk if you ever need it. The small profile is just enough to take the place of your vehicle’s cheap and dangerous jack, all while being able to do some work in the shop.

If you are looking for a light duty “every once in a while” jack this one is it, and at the price you can buy 2 just to keep one home and one in the car!

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#3 JEGS Pro Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

BIG RED T820014S Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Blow Mold Carrying Storage Case, 1.5 Ton (3,000 lb) Capacity, Red - Review


  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION allows you to roll jack around with ease
  • Rotating contact pad
  • 3 Ton lifting capacity
  • Fairly affordable


  • Takes some pumping to get to full height

This jack is great looking and compact, this is the perfect compact car jack to get under low vehicles and lift them safely. Coming in at under $300 bucks you can’t go wrong with this beauty! This jack also Meets ASME PALD 2014 standards and boasts a 6,000 pound (3 ton) lifting capacity.

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If you are looking for a jack that is compact and easy to store the three above are great choices. All three of these will get the job done depending on your needs. The Jeg’s is the strongest for heavy duty repairs that are more consistent (think side work) while the big red is more for every once in a while and emergencies.

I like the Arcan most overall, it boasts smooth design and function and as the most expensive on the list I would say it’s still my top choice.

Remember, a compact car jack is only as good as the person using it. Use jack stands and always lift your vehicle at the correct points.

Thanks for reading!