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Hey fellow gearhead, My name is Scooter. I’m a professional automotive technician and business owner With Over 25 Years Of Experience Fixing and Maintaining Vehicles.

I created Scoots Garage to follow my passion and teach what I can about fixing cars right. I have been working in a independent family owned shop since I was 14 on my summer vacations and then full time starting in 2000.

I can say I have seen quite a bit in the auto industry over the last 20+ Years. I am still at it, running my business and fixing cars.

My ultimate goal with Scoots Garage is to show you the best tools and tips to fix cars and love what you do. (This is what you googled right?) It doesn’t matter if you are a professional mechanic or a weekend DIY’er, there is something in Scoots Garage for you.

I want you to explore my website and soak up all things automotive, pro tips, tricks, tools, and garage equipment. It’s all here.

Come back often because there will be great new content updated often. Find content written by me and other automotive professionals. Welcome to my garage !