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My name is Scooter, I’ve been a professional mechanic for over 25 Years.

I created this website to share some of the things the automotive repair business has taught me over the years.

I encourage you to take a look around my garage for awesome tool reviews and auto mechanic tips.

Auto Technician Training

Are you interested in becoming a auto technician? One of my main goals with this website is to connect and teach the skills and know how needed to repair vehicles the right way.

Check out my ATT.com section. I will be packing ASE practice tests and tons of resource there for you to absorb.

a little about me

I grew up in a family owned shop, every year since I can remember my school summer vacations were in the shop learning from the best mechanics I know.

Over the years I have seen the auto repair business change and evolve. I’ve worn every hat in the business from sweeping the floors to ownership.

I love what I do and even more I love teaching the up and coming techs what I can. I still have a ton to learn myself but I know my way around a shop!

A few years back I started dabbling in websites and online business … BAM I found my place to do what I love TEACH AUTO REPAIR!

If you like the mechanic life or just want to learn how to fix your own car this weekend there is something here for you at Scoots Garage.

  • Tool Reviews
  • Repair Tips
  • Maintenance Tips
  • ASE certification training

And much more !

Welcome To My Garage!