Power Probe Tester : Should You Have One In Your Toolbox?

In this article let’s take a look at one tool that can change the way you diagnose electrical issues. Whether you are working on your car, boat, (or anything else that runs DC power for that matter) the Power Probe tester will help you diagnose and repair the cause of electrical issues quickly. What Is …

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Duromax XP12,000EH Dual fuel generator review: 2020

In the market for a high powered home generator that is still portable? The Duromax XP 12,000 EH dual fuel generator is a very strong contender to consider. A home generator is one of those great investments. When the lights go out you want your family to be safe. With the storms rolling through the …

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Car has a dead battery again? Learn how to find out why

“My battery keeps dying, I bought one at Walmart and put it in yesterday, but it was dead again today.” What can it be? I could bet many of you have heard this once or twice before, it’s understandable for the customer to think. “well the battery is shot, throw one in please.” I mean …

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Volvo oil leak? PCV issues that could be the cause

It’s a little after lunch time and I wanted to give you guys a quick rundown of my morning. A 99 Volvo V70 came in, this car happens to be my brothers. He had called me a few nights before saying his oil light came on right before he got to work, when he got …

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Tools For The Trade: What Tools Do You Need?

motor, machine, mechanical

If you are serious about being In the automotive repair business, or just someone who likes wrenching in the driveway you need to start investing in some tools. One question that I get asked from time to time is, “what tools should I get to start out?” When it comes to automotive work there is …

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Scan tool review: Autel MaxiCom mk808ts.

autel maxicom 808 ts review

Searching for a comprehensive scan tool that could perform TPMS relearn and vehicle diagnostics in one platform? At the price point of $699 the Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS is worth a look. We spent some time with this tool, noting the ins and outs along the way. This tool has some great features for the price …

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Quick things to look out for when buying a used car

driving, friends, roadtrip

So you’re ready to start shopping around for a used car, great! I wanted to give a quick list of things people should look for, and look out for when buying a used car. But before I go any further I can’t stress how important it is to have a good, trustworthy mechanic. No matter …

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